I am a self-taught artist who has a lot to say, but generally a quiet person. My preference is to use my artwork to reveal my ideas, dreams, who I am, what I feel, where I want to be. My favorite medium is watercolors…I enjoy using acrylics too, but I always tend to go back to my watercolors. There are techniques and tips to use to contain the water and the paints, but yet you can also just let them flow and blend and create what it wants. Its like having a safe way to allow your emotions to be let loose and free to be what they are.

I do a lot of journaling too, whether its a daily journal, spiritual, art, favorite quotes, etc…but whatever I write, I don’t usually show it to anyone. What is just as fulfilling as creating art is telling the stories behind them. I always thought it would be neat to have an art autobiography just so that I could share those stories. So often the painting is seen differently once people understand the sentiment behind it, or how it was inspired, or how it transformed from an idea in my head to an actual visual.

Sure, sometimes a flower is just a flower and a tree is just a tree, not everything I create has to have meaning. But several paintings have a story waiting to be told, so let me tell you about them!  In the meantime, maybe this will help me learn to become more comfortable writing to an audience…


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