Containing the Fire

I know you all want to believe that everything is just fine and easy and no worries. You want to see paintings of hearts and flowers and beautiful landscapes because its easier to look at than a painting reflecting pain and anger. Well here you go, a painting of a pretty and perfect tree, standing tall with roots, representing a strong foundation and confidence that all is well.

Underneath a pretty and pleasant tree, there can be resentment and hurt, an angry fire being contained.

Living in a world where its okay for others to treat you like garbage, but its not okay to be angry at the people who do it to you.

Living in a world where its not okay to show the hurt and anger, because its wrong and no one wants to listen to such “nonsense” anyways.

Living in a world where you are encouraged to be strong and confident to stand up for yourself. Yet if you do that, you aren’t being forgiving enough, you need to be “the better person” and “turn the other cheek.” You should forgive and forget, and let the situation be like water running off your back.

This tree is containing an angry fire…its foundation has become strong enough so that the fire doesn’t consume it. There is fear of the fire losing control and hurting others, killing itself even. What if it has a breaking point? Does it really want to test where that point is?

Or is the fire beneath what creates the inner strength? Maybe trying to contain that fire is what’s helping it grow even more stronger and beautiful and lively.

Or maybe the tree should just let the fire burn.



One thought on “Containing the Fire

  1. My mind keeps coming back to this one Anne. It even visited my dreams (nightmares) recently, where the only way I could douse the flames was with my ever-flowing tears. I woke up sobbing. And all was contained once again. And I was numb inside to face another day. Thank you for speaking and sharing through your artwork.


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