I Will Set You Free

A page from the book “Love Letters From Your King” by Sheri Rose Shepherd.

My Princess…I Will Set You Free

I, your King, stand outside the door of your heart and knock. I see you locked up in your private place of pain, but I won’t force My way in.  I will continue to wait patiently outside until you’re ready to let Me come in. I long to hold you in My arms, wipe away your tears, and tenderly encourage you with My love and truth.  I will continue to knock even when you turn a deaf ear. I won’t stop calling to you from outside the door of your prison of pain. You do not have to answer, but I won’t give up because I love you.  I know your heart’s cry is for the wholeness and healing that only I can bring.  It’s not too late, My princess. Today you can unlock the door in the darkened room of your heart and let me come in. Like warm light and a gentle breeze, I will refresh and nourish your soul.

Love, Your King and your Key to Freedom

tunnel to heart

acrylic painting by Anne Christian


3 thoughts on “I Will Set You Free

  1. Anne, I don’t know what whisper you heard that made you want to share this with me; but I am touched as I read and look through teary eyes at this. My heart has been in a period of deepened loneliness of late, and this has truly refreshed and nourished my soul. Thank you again, for the thought, and of course sharing your beautiful painting.

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    • My dear Kat, you are a wonderful person who I enjoy sharing my artwork and other inspirations. You always seem to understand where I’m coming from in my works, you listen with your heart, which is what I needed…a good friend who listens from her heart. Lately I’ve been feeling alone too, like I’m screaming at the top of my lungs but nobody hears, or it doesn’t matter. I guess in a way this post was a cry for some understanding, the one way I know how to put myself out there to be heard. Thank you Kat for your friendship and taking the time to read this 😊 I am grateful this post has helped you also, that I followed the “prompting” to share with you. I’m so sorry you are going thru a difficult time Kat, remember I’m here for you if you need to talk about it. Love always, Anne

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  2. Hi Anne! I’ve been thinking all day about your last reply and how to respond. First, it really humbled me to read all the things you said and felt about me. I sure was blessed that we met! But more important, it’s been so upsetting thinking about someone such as yourself feeling the way you described. But I do hear you and think I understand. I can only guess that perhaps it’s just the price one pays for living life with passion. But I’m certain that for you, that same passion will also bring much joy to your life. So keep screaming through your painting, your blog, and to those who care about you; because you are not alone and it does indeed matter.

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