My Wallflowers

Is there a symbol/object/shape/color you are always drawn to, that seems to represent hidden meaning to you? Or maybe its just fun to paint it? For me, it seems to be this flower.  In Fall 2014 while soothing a broken heart, I felt compelled to paint this flower and use acrylic paint instead of my usual watercolors. Starting with this painting with bright bold colors. The colors represented a vibrance that I didn’t feel I had in myself at the time…

untitled (25)

The Wallflowers – acrylic by Anne Christian

In the weeks (actually months) following I did several more paintings using these simple flower shapes in different sizes, colors, and presentations. I felt such an urge to keep painting these flowers, it was like I couldn’t do them enough times in enough ways, like there was something inside me that had to be spoken or released.

untitled (28)

Wallflowers for You- acrylic by Anne Christian

I did a few paintings of different objects and thought I got the flowers “out of my system”…but I went back to the flowers. Especially when I needed to soothe myself from feelings of hurt or loneliness, then I painted the flowers.

untitled (22)

Bouquet of Wallflowers – acrylic by Anne Christian

 When I looked up the meaning of a flower, I saw several definitions that spoke to me…flowers having a language of their own, symbolizing thoughts and feelings when we don’t have the words…intimate feelings from the heart that can’t be spoken out loud…passion, desire, longing of the heart for your beloved. This all made sense to me…I knew I was projecting into my artwork as a way of healing…I just didn’t realize it was with these flowers!

untitled (34)

Flower Power! – acrylic by Anne Christian

So why call them wallflowers? Because they are appear to be simple, not having much to say or any sort of purpose. On their own, they don’t feel they can reveal what’s truly on their mind, so they are grouped together to blend for safety and acceptance.

Yet look at them…they are bright and pretty and have hidden meaning, like a mystery  to solve. Together they have something important to say…

untitled (29)

Spring Wallflower Tree – acrylic by Anne Christian

And sometimes the wallflowers are just fun to have around! 

“Joy comes when we can release our worry and explore acceptance of who we really are.” – Author unknown

untitled (43)

Wallflowers for a Party! – acrylic by Anne Christian


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