A Heart’s Desire

What are the colors of your heart?

Let me explain a little about mine…

A heart’s desire…the different lines and different colors/values represent several desires and their intensities. You see two main colors. Magenta represents the desire to share, and gamboge yellow represents the desire to love. There are small areas of darker colors, Paynes grey that interferes with Phthalo blue and light green…these show apprehension or memories of hurt. Notice that those dark colors aren’t dominant, they are just there. But don’t concern yourself with the dark, the desire to love and share will always prevail 🙂

Love always, Anne

heart's desire

A Heart’s Desire…watercolor by Anne Christian


6 thoughts on “A Heart’s Desire

  1. Thank you so much Kerry! As my tagline says “sometimes my art speaks for me.” Doing this blog is helping me learn to make myself a little more vulnerable, to not be as afraid to express myself using words. Thank you for being a wonderful friend and all your support!


  2. You are Truely Beautiful Anne in your words and your paintings, I Love The Bright Colors, I see that every day in God’s Creation and it fills my Heart full of Love, I remember you saying that even when darkness happens to us, We don’t always see the Beauty, but when we reflect on the Colors of the Heart and what we are willing to put out that over shadows the darkness, Thank you for Sharing that, Going through many changes right Now Thank you Heavenly Father. Blessings Abundantly Anne.

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    • Tina I thank you so much for your response and your loving words. It is truly God at work in these paintings and words. To me, sometimes they just seem like silly words and paintings from my foolish heart…but its a foolish heart that God loves, and that’s what matters the most. So it brings me great joy when someone else sees and hears something more than my “foolish heart” at work…they are seeing God. God’s blessings to you Tina 🙂


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