Remember December

Looking at this painting you get kind of a magical feeling from it, as if you can feel the cold crisp air and the snow blowing in your face. It reminds me of Charlie Brown Christmas, like as if the painting could be in the background scene. Or how about all the memories of childhood during December…my brother Don and I anticipating our birthdays that month, watching our favorite Christmas shows, decorations being made in school and hung up around the house, Mom’s Christmas cookies. During snowfalls so we could go sledding and afterwards have hot chocolate and watch afternoon movies. Saving my $1.00/week allowance so I could buy Christmas gifts, or making wish lists from the Fleet Farm Christmas catalog. Even going to CCD classes on Monday evenings were more enjoyable because you were told the story of Jesus’ birth. The tradition of opening one gift on Christmas Eve, then Christmas morning Don and I would be the first ones up and woke everyone else up by 7:00am. School vacation between Christmas and New Years, spending time together playing with our new toys. Of course we always ended the year watching Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve.

I thought the right thing to do was add something more to the painting, like a “focus point.” Maybe more trees or a barn or house with smoke coming out of the chimney.  I couldn’t decide what to do because I really liked the painting the way it was and didn’t want to cover up any of the subtle blue/purple color. And if this painting triggered all those fond childhood memories, then why change it?  Who says I have to add anything? Using a blue oval mat with a white frame to capture the scene, I loved it just the way it looked!

I wanted to give the painting a title, so I had Don look at it to help with ideas. He felt the same about the painting, that it triggered those fond memories. Eventually he said something along the lines “I will try to remember December more in order to come up with something.” Wait that’s it! Remember December! So simple but perfect. Thanks so much Bro 🙂


Remember December – by Anne Christian




2 thoughts on “Remember December

  1. You are so very, very welcome, Anne!!!! I really do love this painting!! It is exactly how I feel about it, and you hit it right on the button! Just looking out the window on a December night during our childhood, that is another memory there!!!

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